Freight Shakers  
Since 1993, Freight Shakers has provided its customers with quality service for all of their transportation needs, including van, flatbed, partials and rail. Recently, we’ve added LTL, ocean freight and airfreight capabilities to the services we offer. And don’t forget that we also offer specialized equipment and services to meet your specific needs.
When Freight Shakers was conceived over 18 years ago, we were a really small company with really big ideas. There was one foundational tenet to which we committed from day one:
Customers, carriers and employees have
an innate right to be treated with fairness,
honesty and respect.
We believed that we could be successful without compromising our integrity. Ever. We believe the same today, and we’re still committed to that founding idea. So, why use Freight Shakers? Just ask our partners. We have a long list of references – customers, carriers and employees – who will attest to the organizational strength and success that accompanies our business philosophy. l l Welcome l About Us l Freight Services l Contact Us ©2008 Freight Shakers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.