Freight Shakers  
Freight Shakers was established in October 1993 by Linda Mains and Twila Baker, two experienced transportation insiders who sought to create a different kind of transportation company. Today, Twila Baker remains at the helm, leading the company with a sincere enthusiasm for the values, skills and people who make Freight Shakers unique.
The company was initially located in 400 square feet of rented office space in Decatur, GA. The space was cramped, but it was the perfect place to lay the foundation for the company we dreamed Freight Shakers could become, based on faith, honesty and integrity.
We now occupy a much larger space in Hampton, GA, that is centrally located for all employees.
There are a lot more of us now, and each employee was carefully chosen to continue the level and quality of personal service that our customers have come to expect. While we’re still evolving and growing to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs, we’ve proven that success doesn’t require sacrificing one’s ideals. l l Welcome l About Us l Freight Services l Contact Us ©2008 Freight Shakers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.